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About mbali schmidt


I, Mbali Schmidt, started Schmidt Auto Brokers after many interactions and discussions with my friends and family who have mentioned how hard it is to get car financing because of their credit score situations. Truly speaking, as I was communicating with them, I noticed that most of them are either full-time employed or own very successful businesses. It was simply not that they cannot afford to make monthly car repayments. It was just that their credit scores are not on par with what the banks or auto institutions deem to represent a woman or man of good standing. To me, a woman or man of good standing is the one that pays his or her dues!!

After hearing these concerns or complaints I realized an opportunity to find a way that I can help people like you to finally, drive your own car despite your credit score situation. That is why I started Schmidt Auto Brokers to connect Dealerships with South African people that have a bad or low credit score and are declined by the banks the car financing.

In a very short space of a month of this business conception, Schmidt Auto Brokers and I have already helped one individual and a business that needed 5 cars. More than when I visualized the idea of starting the journey of helping people like you, now I know for sure that we want to help many South Africans own cars that will help them in their personal or business transportation needs.

Bahlali! Always remember: “If you want something so bad, do not let anything stand in your way, let the drive in you remove every obstacle to get it.” 

At Schmidt Auto Brokers we say:  

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Why Choose me

I am very passionate about helping others and very organized. If you choose me to work with you in getting a car rest assured that you will be getting my utmost attention. I will see to it that the whole process of getting your car is as comfortable and simple as possible. 

I have two years of experience in the auto industry test driving prototype vehicles in the United State of America. I have over 20 years of driving on the roads of all 9 South African Provinces. If there is one feeling I enjoy the most is the greatness of driving a car. 

Nowadays life is very busy and there is bearly time to go submit car financing applications only to find you will be declined. With me, you will do online pre-approval application in the comfort of your own setting.

with me the credit score is not a decider

Whether you have a bad or low credit score, I Will do my best that you get a car of your choice as long as it is available. If it not available I will work with you to make sure that you drive away in your own car.