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Schmidt Auto Brokers is a leading auto brokerage for buyers and car dealership connections for people who need cars in South Africa. If you have bad credit or low credit, are under debt review, and have been declined car financing by the banks, we can help you get a car through Rent-To-Own Programme. We work with dealerships that have showrooms in Johannesburg, KwaZulu Natal, and Free State. 

Anyone from anywhere in South Africa can apply for the car but be aware that you will have to sign all the paperwork and contracts on site then pick up the car or have it delivered.

get a car with bad or low credit score

If you’re experiencing bad or low credit score or under-debt review issues, you’re not alone. Schmidt Auto Brokers is the friend to those who need a car and the unpleasant credit score circumstance stands in that need’s fulfillment.  Credit score should not be the reason you cannot drive yourself or your loved ones wherever you or they need to be. If you have a stable income, either employed or self-employed, and can make car monthly repayments, why not have that car?

how does it work?

This is a Rent-To-Own programme. It is a very easy and simple way where you will rent the car for a fixed amount of time, and then own the vehicle once the term is complete.

Rent-To-Own cars are vehicles that you rent for an agreed-upon amount of time, make payments on, and can purchase at the end of the term. When considering a rent to own car, be aware of these 4 things:

  • No Credit on Rent: Rent-To-Own Dealerships do not generally run credit checks, which allows you with a bad or low credit score or under debt review to finance a car as long as you make a qualifying stable income.
  • Vehicle Selection:  Rent-To-Own dealerships are not usually not associated with new car dealerships, you will find that vehicle selection will generally be limited to mostly used cars. (Ask me if I can see to help in getting a new car).
  • Deposit Payment Required: You will be required to put down a deposit on a Rent-To-Own car. Ask me how much you will need and make sure you have one before filling out a pre-approval form.
  • Ownership:  You do not own the car right away during the Rent-To-Own term, you will have to pay to finish your term to claim ownership.

Schmidt Auto Brokers works with a nationwide network of dealerships that specialize in handling unique credit situations, so let us connect you with one today!

what you need to be approved




Most importantly you must prove that you can afford the monthly installments and have a stable income as well as the deposit for downpayment. 

  • Valid ID Document or ID Card
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Proof of Residential address
  • Payslip and Bank Statemts, 3 months if employed and 6 months if self-employed
  • Deposit paid upon car approval and car collection

A delivery fee is not included in the deposit downpayment nor in the monthly installments (if the buyer would like the vehicle to be delivered).

Once the buyer has been approved and taken delivery, she/he remains responsible for all the traffic fines, licensing fees, roadworthy fees, tollgates fees, vehicle maintenance, and repairs. ALL INSTALLMENTS INCLUDE TRACKER AND INSURANCE.

people with bad credit

We help car buyers with poor credit scores connect to automobile dealerships that may give them a second chance and can get them approved fast for a car with a good deposit downpayment.

no deposit

Schmidt Auto Brokers may be able to help and refer you to a loan provider that can get you a deposit fee as long as you are pre-qualified for the car and still have disposable income after.

back on the road

Get back on the road today in a car from one of our national car dealerships of choice that accept bank-declined clients and specialize in Rent-To-Own Programmes.

for a premium-quality service make sure you:
• submit all the required documents
• prove income (be employed or self-employed)
Happy clients, Happy life


” Mbali’s customer service is fantastic. I was referred by a friend. I needed cars for my business. Circumstantially, it was near impossible to get those cars. When I emailed her she responded with such positive enthusiasm to my “doubtful” email. After two weeks of back and forth with the dealership since I was buying cars on the company name, I was approved. I recommend Schmidt Auto Brokers to anyone who needs a car  and have all car financing odds against them”

Dennis Burke

” Mbali is a very lovely and patient lady. Who would have thought that using a car broker to get a car (especially with my next to nothing credit score) can be so “easy”. Well, I say easy because Mbali was the one who did all the work of finding me a car. She was very patient because most of the cars within my means, that she kept sending to me were not for me but she did not give up on me until I agreed on the one I liked. I did not have to use my data browsing the internet looking for the car lol!

Thank you Schmidt Aut0 Brokers! Auto Brokers are a way to go. They save you time and money(data)!!!”

innocentia twala

” Schmidt Auto Brokers saved me. I got a new job and already told them that I do have a car. But I did not. Luckily I am still serving notice and I know Mbali so she set me up with the dealership in Bloemfontein. Thank you Mbali”

Tebogo Thebele